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Challenge : Dec 1, 2023, 7:00 AM

29 days

Ho Ho Ho… December challenge: to organise a Christmas high in festive spirit and low in carbon!

What you ask for every year as Christmas approaches …

Here are our top ten ideas for responsible Christmas and New Year festivities!

  • Above all, keep thinking about those three words ‘energy, mobility, waste‘ that have no expiry date and still apply at times of great festivity, often also times of great extravagance. They are more relevant than ever in this period of over-consumption. You might as well be aware of what you’re doing!

  • Ethical Advent calendar: Whether it’s eco-friendly, organic or zero-waste, the trend is towards the responsible Advent calendar. So have nothing to do with calendars full of over-packaged presents and choose a calendar that allows you to keep the magic of Christmas while not feeling deprived! Samples sizes of cleaning products that respect the environment, seeds to sow – there is a vast choice and you will certainly find something you like. And if you don’t… make one up!

  • There are specialist shops to be found in the Principality – eco-decorations, wooden Christmas trees, furoshiki (a Japanese tissue-wrapping technique). Find out about them, keep your eyes open and your mind as well! 

  • The crux of the matter… presents! Our advice is very simple and, as usual, mainly just common sense! Opt for gifts made locally, or even better, look at the ‘second hand’ map on MTE or give something intangible (an experience, an event, etc.)! And as for the wrapping, try to buy packaging that doesn’t contain plastic and learn furoshiki, this year’s big trend!

  • "Zero waste tree": just a few days after Monaco EWWR, why not go for a zero waste Christmas tree? Trees made of pine cones, magazines or books… let your imagination run riot! It’s a bit crazy and it‘s good for the planet. Another option is to get creative and design a Christmas that is more natural than ever before with a wooden tree like we suggested in 2020 .

  •  Dazzle your guests with a commitment tree! When we first took part in Monaco EWWR, in 2019, we introduced our commitment tree, with a Post-it for each commitment. That tree was ethical, creative, inspiring and responsible and invited people to make resolutions before the usual time – what’s not to like?!

  • After the festivities, thanks to the City Hall, the Department of Urban Amenities and the SMA, you can dispose of your tree in an area set aside for that purpose. It will be collected, burned, and the energy recovered and used! This tree collection was set up in 2019, and locations can be found all over the Principality. Take care to avoid trees with fake snow (coated or painted on), which are harmful to the environment!

  • Finally, keep an eye on our sites; there will (very) soon be video clips to show you how…


Take up the challenge! 😊