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Mobility : Oct 10, 2023

Events' X 'Carbon Footprint: The train is a new good idea

The LUXE PACK trade show, which opened its doors at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco provided a private train from Paris to Monaco for some 200 exhibitors and visitors 🚝 This was a unique travel experience, made possible with thanks to the Monaco Government.

A new approach to networking 

During their trip, traders and visitors were invited to take advantage of a range of activities and took time to exchange ideas, both with each other and with the professionals on hand from ‘Destination Monaco’. Passengers were very impressed; over 200 smiling faces arrived at Monaco station🚉🙂

Reinventing the format of events is crucial

A Paris-Monaco journey by plane generates around 41 times more CO2 emissions than the same journey by train (Datagir ADEME).

Moving towards more responsible events and supporting exhibitors and visitors in adopting environmentally friendly practices is more important than ever, today.

Transport is the biggest source of emissions for an event, accounting on average for 80% of the carbon footprint.

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